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Bauchi State News, Bauchi State Latest News Today

Bauchi State News

History of Bauchi State

Bauchi State is one of the North-Eastern state in Northern Nigeria which was formed in 1976. The capital city is Bauchi with a population of 5 million according to the census conducted in 2006. In 1967, the Northern-Eastern states consist of Bauchi, Borno and Adamawa (read Adamawa State News) before Bauchi was created during the state creation exercise in 1976, this creation includes the present Bauchi and Gombe states before Gombe was created out of Bauchi later in 1997.

Bauchi State News
Location of Bauchi State in Nigeria

There are 20 Local Governments Areas on Bauchi State which are Bauchi, Tafawa Balewa, Dass, Toro, Ningi, Warji, Ganjuma, Kirfi, Aikaleri which constitutes the Southern region and Darazo, Misau, Giade, Shira, Jama’are, Katagum, Itas/Gadau, Zaki, Gamawa and Damban which constitutes the Northen region of the state. The following tribes formed the heterogenous state: Hausa (Read Latest Hausa News From Gamji Newspaper and BBC Hausa News), Fulani, Jarawa, Tangale, Waja, Balewa, Sayawa and Tarewa are the main tribes out of total of 50 tribal groups in the state.

There are two vegetation zones, namely the Sudan Savannah and Sahel Savannah. The Sudan savannah covers the southern part of the state and get richer towards south along rivers, sudan savannah grasses are shorter and vegetation is less uniform. The sahel savannah is also called semi-desert vegetation which are mainly isolated stands of thorny shrubs.

Going down the memory lane, Yaqub ibn Dadi was the founder of the city of Bauchi. Yaqub is the only non-flag bearer of the Sokoto Empire. He derived the name Bauchi from his frend who is a hunter named Baushe, who advised him (Yaqub) to build his city in the west of the Warinje Mountain. After he returned, Yaqub promised to name his city after the hunter. The first Prime Minister of Nigeria, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa was buried in this city.

Bauchi State News Today

Farming is the popular occupation in the state due to its soil fertility for agricultural products like maize, groundnut, millet and guinea corn. Livestock rearing is also praticed. Industries like Yankari Natural Water company, Zaki Flour mills, Arewa Ceramic Industry and Kuda Nails Factory are part of the industries located in the state. Bauch state house the most developed wildlife park in Nigeria which is known as the Yankari Game Reserve. The park has a lot of attractions for visitors with wide variety of flora fauna and variety of animals are available for viewing around the year.

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Bauchi State News Today

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