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Brief History of Ondo State

Ondo State was created on the 3rd of February 1976 out of the former Western State. The state lies between latitudes 5 45’ and 7 52’N and longitudes 4 20’ and 6 03’E. Ondo State has a population of 3.4 million people, of which 1, 679,761 are females and 1,761,263 males. It is the 20th most populous state in Nigeria, and has a total land area of 15,500 sq kms. Ondo state can be found in the south western part of Nigeria, it is bounded on the east by Edo and Delta states, on the west by Ogun and Osun states, on the north by Ekiti and Kogi states, and to the south by the Bight of Benin of the Atlantic Ocean. The state occupies a land area of about 15,000 Square kilometers with a population of 3,441,924 people according to 2006 census.

The state has eighteen (18) Local Government Areas, with Akure as the capital city as well as the largest settlement. The state is predominantly occupied by the Yorubas who speak various dialects of the language such as the Akoko, Akure, Apoi, Idanre, Ijaw, Ikale, Ilaje.


Education is accorded high priority by the state government with the state reputed as the education factory of Nigeria as a result of emphasis in this sector over the years with thousands of primary schools and hundreds of secondary schools, there are also tertiary institutions in the state. The State also has a number of tertiary educational institutions. These include: Elizade University Ilara-Mokin, Federal University of Technology Akure, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State University of Science and Technology, Okitipupa, Achievers University, Owo, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Adeyemi College of Education (now Adeyemi University of Education), Ondo, Wesley University of Science and Technology, (WUSTO) Ondo, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) Ondo, Millennium College of Health Technology, Akure Ondo State, and Ondo State school of Health Technology, Akure, Ondo State.

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Natural Resources in the State

The Sunshine state is a domain of intellectuals that harbours human, capital and natural resources- the habitat home of the rich, wealthy and prominent; the natural environment for animals, plants and other organisms; and a blessed large deposit of Natural resources of oil, rubber, rock, tourism etc.

Mineral resources in the state includes bitumen (the 2nd largest in the world), Oil & Gas, Quartz sand, Clay, Granite, Limestone, Talc, Kaolin, Coal, Columbine, Rock, Tin, River, Mineral deposits, Ocean fronts and the largest Coastline in Nigeria.


Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy, and the chief products are cotton and tobacco from the north, cocoa from the central part, and rubber and timber (teak and hardwoods) from the south and east; palm oil and kernels are cultivated for export throughout the state. Ondo is Nigeria’s chief cocoa-producing state. Other crops include rice, yams, corn (maize), coffee, taro, cassava (manioc), vegetables, and fruits. Traditional industries include pottery making, cloth weaving, tailoring, carpentry, and blacksmithing. Mineral deposits include kaolin, pyrites, iron ore, petroleum, and coal. There is a textile mill and a palm-oil processing plant at Okitipupa.


The Ikogosi hot spring and the historic Idanre Hills are places of interest. National Museum at Owo which houses the wood and ivory carvings, brass and bronze works, excavated at Egbaren Estate, Owo in 1971, Igbokoda Water Front, Iponle-Iloro Water falls, Oko Marie Hills at Oka-Akoko, Ebomi Lake at Epinmi-Akoko.


The ethnic composition of Ondo State is largely from the Yoruba subgroups of the Akoko, Akure, Okitipupa, Ilaje, Ondo, and Owo peoples. Ijaw such as Apoi and Arogbo populations inhabit the coastal areas; while a sizable number of the Ondo State people who speak a variant of the Yoruba language similar to Ife dialect reside in Oke-Igbo.

Notable people

Notable people in Ondo state includes Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Akinyelure Patrick Ayo, Bamidele Aturu, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, Bode Olajumoke, Chris Olukolade, Gani Adams, Jimoh Ibrahim, Kayode Ajulo, King Sunny Ade, Micheal Ade Ojo, Nahzeem Olufemi Mimiko, Olu Falae, Olusegun Agagu, Olusegun Mimiko, Olusola Alexander Oke, Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, T. B. Joshua.

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  1. It looks though the Ondo State Governor AKeredolu reign will be far less achievement of his immediate Predecessor. If he fails to jump start the ill heath of the State Economy and swiftly adhere to the following agenda program

    1,The Establishment Ondo State University, and Ondo state university technology a multi campuses

    2. Creating conducive environments for investment, The Edo State current administration Obaseki thus achieving such fit right now

    Gov Akeredolu should stop posing in the media and newspaper to score some political point and to be interactive with both foreign and local investors to industrialize the State He should creats a special dept looking into how to reach global investment community . It was regret first failure the numerous appointment of special advisers which were highly irrelevance to the administration just to score political points

    Health facilities at the rural areas of the State should be the administration top priority .There was no reason why every health center at the local level should not be fully equip including residence doctors and nurses. Woman should die due to child delivery. Under no account should woman under labour should travel 50 miles or more before gets to so call sorry state General Hospital which acutely lack qualified Doctors and nurses not to mention modern equipment ,and drugs availability
    All Mega Secondary Schools should return back public immediately as not every children in the state benefits in the programs establish by corrupt Mimiko administration

    3 Agriculture should be the bedrock of the State The Ekiiti State has taking some bold steps in that direction to sign MOU with the Lagos State Government .
    4 The Ondo State growth and developments affair should not vested in the hand of first lady as no body voted for her .Gov Akeredolu should stop stop using his wife as proxy to embezzle public fund
    6. lastly the only way to stop rural migrate to urban center was to invest heavily in the suburb areassuch as school and Agriculture and localisation of industry, access roads to the areas. Governor score mark so far very less impressive.

  2. The Citizen of Ondo State shouldand must compel Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to schedule periodic public interaction to interact the people on his achievement in every areas 6 times in a year.and to know if any development actually going on in the State .There is urgent call to change the State University to a multi campuses in order to accelerates development to the sur burbs communities. Akeredolu Government should desist from pose in pictures because any administration project being achieved should not appears on a mere snap of pictures but should be practical to the level of execution and commission.To date Ondo State lagging far behind other state within the same region in industrial development and other social opportunity, and failing in campaign promises to the people .the current administration should face the primary problem of the State and stop interfere to what going on at the central Government and at the party level.. unfortunately so far nothing had achieved under the current Akeredolu administration. Any white elephants Projects should not be implemented in the State . Finally, all Mega school in the state should immediately abolished./ There was never a mega School under Late Awolowo then the Premier in the old western region which Akeredolu and other notable leaders benefited from .The Ex Governor of the State Segun Mimiko established Mega School to enrich himself corruption which people in the rural areas never enjoy.Education should taking to the grass root.Many people has predicted Akeredolu Administration would be far worse than his predecessor

  3. When Rotimi Akeredolu resume office and starting appointing various Political officers many people know his administration bound to fail .Fayemi the new Elected Governor of Ekiti State is a realistand very prudence as he declare the state is broke to appoint Political officers and that should be what a responsible leaders tell the people. Akeredolu the Governor of Ondo state is a disaster

  4. Kudos in the member of Security Last week Arrest of two kidnappers at Akure Ondo State who were herdsmen. How i wish jungle justice followed after their arrest Akeredolu should not allow their arrest turn to politics .So therefore the arrest and judgement should be swift and get the highest sentencing which is death penalty. Ondo State under Akeredolu administration has turn to be a kidnappers , robbery , cultism, den ./ Wake up the citizen of Ondo State and tell Akeredolu the State seriously an insecure place under the current adminstration ./ Today Bank robbery or high way robbery , next day kidnapping ,or cultism Ondo State had enough

  5. I mean to write kudos to the members of security agency in the last week Arrest two kidnappers at Akure Ondo State

  6. The APC chapter should not reconcile Governor Akeredolu of Ondo state until every of their demand met .Akeredolu anti party practises during the Presidential election because of his Ibo wife speaks volumes why Akeredolu Political, Moral credibility in great doubt. Ondo State can not be shortchange because of one person Akeredolu ..Unless he make a 360 degree u turn and do what right for the people in the State he will be swept and disgrace from office by impeachment soon .He should strickly follows the above recommendations to succeed and listen to the people voice not just few corrupt ones ./ It does not take a nuclear scientist to know that development of the suburb discourage people moving to urban centers .The state University should immediately turn to Multi campuses whereby accelerate development rural areas .Women under baby delivery should not travel 50 or more miles before seen a doctor in the so sorry poor condition general hospital where patients often ask to buy bandage to mention but few Health is wealth and Akeredolu administration has failed woefully to date. The citizen and the people of Ondo State should enjoy quality Education, health for all and not just for the few ,Akeredolu should pay very close attention before its too late Ondo State revenues should not turn to family estate

  7. one of the notable Ondo indigene who contributed immensely to the growth of the state and the nation at large, whose is name is missing from this list, is know other person than High Chief Alexander Opeyemi Akinyele (the lobosin of Ondo land)former Hon minister of information, former chairman national sport commission and former chairman national reconciliation commission

  8. Governor Rotimi Akeredolu discontinued Mega School highly welcome in Ondo state due to its un viability and not access to every citizen in the state The existed Pry school and Post Pry School should be the focus of the present administration. Mimiko Mega school Program was for embezzlement and corruption purposes. The Governors hould also take a bold step changing the mono University campuses to a multi campuses whereby fast development can be attained in every nukes and corners across the 18 local Government The introduction of LCDA proposal a very good move but the process should not be delay .The Governor should involve private sectors for industrialization and developments to the state.The Governor should continues active in Mechanized Agriculture with a foreign local joint venture .The State cannot grow without an independent stable electricity supply and challenge the Akeredolu administration involve some private sector to solving the acute shortage electricity supply in the State.The administration must improve the poor state condition of health facility across the 18 local Government areas . not to mention acute poor condition of general State Hospital in the State. Rural areas must be developed to enhance meaningful growth and developments across the state. Every Primary and Post Primary School must rebuild and equip with modern science and ICT devices. The Governor should commit to road maintainance and rehabilitation through direct labor of ministry of works in the state.The days of inflate contract awards long over.So therefore our young engineers and technicians should be involve in the development of the state and creates jobs . The State should procure necessary machines for road construction and servicing .The citizen of Ondo state want less but the best when comparing with other state in the region and Nigeria at large

  9. I cannot agree more with Oyedele as saying Akeredolu not doing enough as Governor of Ondo state. He added Ondo State should compete with Lagos State but Akeredolu had fell short .The resources of the State should be fully annexed ,Ondo State blessed with the longest sea coast line .Ondo State endowed with both human and natural resources APC brought Rotimi Akeredolu to Office and the electorate has the last voice in removing from office if he continues in this manner of get nothing done .The citizen of Ondo did voted for Rotimi Akeredolu and not his wife runs the affair of Ondo State.The time of accountability just around the corner. No individual or APC can impose non perform Governor on the people of Ondo State . If any one try it will not succeed . Akerdolu should put his acts together as time fast running out against his style of administration.

  10. The People of Ondo State will never allow any Fulani Colony in the State .Whatever Name this murderer call themselves . The Governor of Ondo State Rotimi Akeredolu administration should explore foreign investors if it becomes veruy necessary to develop cattle Ranch in the State . President Buhari body language and continues to ensuring Fulani herdsmen irrespective where they comes from resettled across Nigeria with Federal fund and loan from international financial institution. No an inch of land should be given to Fulani settlement. TheYoruba land in the South west region can be used for any kind of Agriculture and not resettlement of any herdsmen in the name of RugA or RANCH .The Aare Onakankanfo Chief Gani Adams rightly hit the nail at the head as saying an inch of Yoruba land will never be allocated to Fulani Herdsmen or RuGA. Resettlement .The Fulani herdsmen has some hidden agenda to Islamised Nigeria.No wonder Buhari closeness with Turkey and other Arabs nation becoming very obvious even thoughh he always denied turning the country to Muslim nation his body language has said it all . Posterity will never forget any Yoruba leaders allow Fulanis herds men settlement in the south west region in whatever name or form ..

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