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MMM BTC Review, 100% Interest in 15 Days Better Than MMM United

Many programs have been emerging in the last one year from MMM Nigeria, MMM United to Zarfund. There are other reliable programs that are performing well and the rate of poverty has been drastically reduced since the inception of these peer to peer programs.

On this post, I will be talking about a new peer to peer donation platform which promised more interest than the existing platform. When I say more interest, some might be wondering, how many interest can they offer more than MMM United ? Well, the reality about this platform is they offer 100% interest in just 15 days.

MMMBTC was launched in December 1, 2016 and they promise 100% return of donation in 15 days. The aim of this platform is to increase the standard of living in the world by helping each other in 15 days. Like MMM United, member can only provide and get help only in bitcoin. MMMBTC has a great feature and user friendly website compared to that of MMM United and this is a great advantage over MMM united and a reason to consider the platform.


I was introduced to MMM United by a colleague and I sow some seeds, a week later , i tried login in to my account but i couldn’t, all effort to reach the support team proves abortive and till this moment, the account is not accessible and no response from the support team either via email, twitter or facebook page. As a risk taker, I decided to try again with a new account, this time around, the issue was I can’t provide help. Whenever i click on provide help, the greeting is system have encountered an error, click here to go to the home page. It was so annoying and resulted to losing of interest in the platform. Till today, i have been hearing various complain from other members about their inability to access their accounts. As a result of the technical glitch and poor support on MMM United, they are already losing members and in no time, the program may collapse. Hence the need to consider this 15 days, 100% platform with good support (both email and live chat) and user friendly interface.


MMMBTC is open to participant worldwide who are ready to help others.  The website is responsive enough that it can be access on any device. The platform is stable and free from technical glitch. They have a good support team and the live chat functionality makes life easier. The 100% return in 15 days makes it a worth considering platform.

And lastly, the use of bitcoin takes away the problem of fake payment issue. If you make a payment as a sender and your receiver fails to confirm payment reception, the system will auto approve your payment using the bitcoin harsh ID technology confirmation to ensure your payment is auto confirmed and this is done 24 hours after you have provided the necessary payment details (both screenshot and harsh ID)


To be part of this platform, you just need to go through a 1 minutes registration process which can be done by clicking here.

NOTE: You need an upline to be part of the program, just input mcold10 as your upline name and you can join my whatsapp group for more details and assistance

Click here get started

Once you register, an email notification would be sent to you to activate your email address and once that is done, you can start providing help.


Once you have successfully registered, login to you account. On your account dashboard, click on provide help with the green background or look at the left side, there are menus , locate provide help as shown in the picture below

Specify the amount of help you want to provide starting from $10. Wait till you are matched (this usually takes up-to 2-3 days. You are required to be checking your account daily to know if you are matched to avoid the deletion of your account.


The locking day period is 7 days from the date your transaction has been confirmed which means you can GH after the 7 days locking period but will not be up-to 100% return if the 15 days is not completed.


Having tested MMM United and currently a member of MMMBTC, i can proudly say that MMMBTC is far better in than MMM United in terms of interest, support, technical assistance, user friendliness, responsive website and better profit.



I provided help of $10 on December 12, 2016 to test the system and on December 28, I received help of $15. MMMBTC is very real and paying.. The future is bright and i urge you to join us now to kick start a successful 2017 .. Happy New Year

UPDATES: Below are my latest GH screenshot on the platform

For more information and daily updates and support, kindly click on the link below to join our whatsapp group


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