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Nigerian Tribune Newspaper Headlines Online Today


About Nigerian Tribune

The Nigerian Tribune is a daily newspaper in Nigeria established in 1949 by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Nigerian Tribune is the oldest surviving private owned newspaper in Nigeria.The headquarters of The Nigerian Tribune is Ibadan, Oyo State.

The Nigerian Tribune served as the Awolowo’s welfare programmes mouthpiece and also played a vital role in defending the interests of the Yoruba people when different ethnic groups were struggling for ascendancy. As at 1960 when Nigeria got independence to 1990s, most of the newspaper publications were owned by the Government but private owned newspapers such as The Punch, The Guardian, Vanguard Newspaper and The Nigerian Tribune didn’t relent on exposing the public and private scandals despite the suppression attempts by the Government. Former Head of States, General Ibrahim Babangida is dedicated reader of the nigerian tribune newspaper as he once said that he will only take the Nigerian Tribune’s Editorial column seriously out of all the Newspapers we have in Nigeria.

However, Nigerian tribune has continued to go stronger as the number of patronages and national outreach keeps growing in spite of all the tribulations and has refused to be defeated by the political elements who refuse to follow the founder political ideals and ideology but rather making money with the name of the founder. Ever since its establishment, it has remained the voice of the voiceless.

The Board of Diretors of The Nigerian Tribune appointed Edward Dickson as the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, Debo Abdulai as the Editor Nigerian Tribune, Sina Oladeinde as the Editor of Sunday Tribune and Lasis Olagunju as the Saturday Tribune Editor.

Nigerian Tribune newspaper is available online and you can read today’s nigerian tribune newspaper headlines online on this page, Nigerian Tribune online, Tribune news online

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Changing of Name on Nigeria Tribune

Most of our readers request for the process of changing of name on Nigerian Tribune. And to make it a general accessible information, we decides to include the details on this page .

Before proceeding to publicize the changing of your name, you must have been to court to get a sworn affidavit or a marriage certificate if you are a married woman because it will is very important you obtained either of the two or both. Below are the requirements for changing of name in the Nigerian Tribune Newspaper.

  1. Photocopy of sworn affidavit or marriage certificate
  2. Typed copy information to be published (This will contain your former name and the new name you just changed to the general format for that is “I formerly known as…., now wish to be known as…. All former documents remain valid)
  3. A non refundable payment of N4,000

Let me made this very clear about the payment issue, while making payment, ensure you have a good contact, you can meet with agents, lawyers who can handle the process for you but it will be better if there is an insider in the company to make the necessary follow-up for you.

Learn how to do change of name on daily trust newspaper

Change of name on vanguard newspaper nigeria

We do assist with the changing of name and we charge extra N2,000 for the process which means you will paying the total amount of N6,000 . For more enquiries, please send a mail to [email protected] .

If you want to place an advert on Nigerian Tribune website or buy an advert space on the printed newspaper, we will ensure the process is done without stress and delay..For advert placement on Nigerian Tribune Newspaper and enquiry, please send us a mail [email protected]

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